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Last friday (6th July) I planned a little departure party in the sleepy dust pit that Nusa Dua has momentarily become thanks to a small army of Javanese workers busting their skinny guts for a swarm of greedy/corrupt indonesian property tycoons.


Rant aside, we downed sweet nasi, talked smack, smoked kiwi flavoured sheesha and drank until we felt slightly retarded. It was delightful. Then a group of us did the dash to town. We piled into one of those gutless toaster looking 4×4 cars like desperate refugees would clamber upon any boat headed for a horizon. Our destination was Poco Loco Restaurant & Bar in Legian.


We had heard about the LoveInTents X MassiveVibrations rager. Arriving out front of the venue the scene inside appreared somewhat tame, but the animals were just arriving. It was my last weekend on the island, we had to party and it seemed as if we’d come to the right place. I was also supposed to remember the night so I could review what went down…what a fucking unreal predicament.


Two years ago. A more sober version of myself went to Poco Loco hunting a feed with mates. I chowed down white wash mexican food. As we sat and mealed our tacos the mosquitos sniffing around my ears starting causing an unwanted ruckas. The pests were everywhere. That night at Poco Loco could have been an almost death by mozzy experience, not an ideal dining experience. I vowed never to return again.


A total man of my word, I broke my vows. But you know what, I’m relieved that I returned to Poco. This time the joint offered me a completely different experience, albeit one I fail to properly remember. What I do recall is this.


The venue had a totally fresh buzz. The mosquitos had pissed off to poorer pastures. There was a glock of radical party-goers posing for the cameras, some hip, some legit but a lot were tragically lame. At least they were all downing beer and spirits, shaking their tits and tiny dicks, dancing, just losing their fragile minds to a few hard hitting, well accepted Dj’s.



The vibes all night were pretty tight, it wasn’t a seedy Kuta vibe at all, but it had enough moments of looseness to keep the crowd from standing around like a pack of stunned mullets.



The sound system was suprisingly fucked up (in all of the best ways), it absolutely killed. That system was being controlled by DJ Angger Dimas. He seemed to know what he was doing. Pretty sure that’s him below getting serious on the decks.


^ I think he’s saying, “Mum, I made it!”


Thankfully the staff weren’t on some rank power trip like 99% of the security cops i’ve become accustomed to in Australia. The staff were actually pretty bloody all time, totally accomodating and down to keep the party vibes and alcohol flowing. I didn’t try any of the food, apparently it’s now on point. I’ll return for samples and good times shortly, for sure. My headache the following day said I should have eaten…


As you’d expect at any decent party in Bali, there were a few noticable heads mashed up in the building. Lee Wilson was one. The man with the mind boggling online surf clip “Early Blessings“, the same dude who is currently perched firmly atop the ISC Pro tour open rankings. He was lurking upstairs in the VIP area.




The >> Series – Theo from Desiger Drugs

The >> Series – Theo.


Love in Tents:
“Check out what the kids from [dais] shot while our buddy Theo from Designer Drugs was in town last November!”

The >> Series – Theo

It’s the 1st of February, which means it’s time for another installment of The >> Series.

We shot this interview with Theo from Designer Drugs while we were in Bali, after having an awesome time at the epic Designer Drugs x Love In Tents gig at Hu’u Bar.

Theo tells us what ‘dubstep’ is, and talks about the opportunities for independent success through the utilisation of social media. He takes us back to the days of MySpace and gets us excited about the world wide web.

After several computer crashes, a Final Cut bug, and about 5 hours exporting and compressing, here are the fruits of our labour…

Watch the interview below.

The >> Series – Theo from Dais Productions on Vimeo.