The >> Series – Theo from Desiger Drugs

The >> Series – Theo.


Love in Tents:
“Check out what the kids from [dais] shot while our buddy Theo from Designer Drugs was in town last November!”

The >> Series – Theo

It’s the 1st of February, which means it’s time for another installment of The >> Series.

We shot this interview with Theo from Designer Drugs while we were in Bali, after having an awesome time at the epic Designer Drugs x Love In Tents gig at Hu’u Bar.

Theo tells us what ‘dubstep’ is, and talks about the opportunities for independent success through the utilisation of social media. He takes us back to the days of MySpace and gets us excited about the world wide web.

After several computer crashes, a Final Cut bug, and about 5 hours exporting and compressing, here are the fruits of our labour…

Watch the interview below.

The >> Series – Theo from Dais Productions on Vimeo.