And When I Need You Most

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And When I Need You Most

i can’t seem to find my way
lost in cloudless sky

you are the reason why i have been waiting so long
too long
but we are never together,
maybe we should
or perhaps not

but we are wasting away

i try to believe in all your words, the knife that stuck my back
i try to grow with your conscience, hating everything about myself

i should come down on my own
but we are both just dreams,
everything that is gone
holding on to something


believing in finding a way,
can’t seem to find,
lost my thought
craving for insanity
everything that we believe

are dust
hopes of the never after

and we can never find our way home

and when i need you most
when this gun is finished with me
borrow me your soul
we’ll fly away
shoot ourselves in the head

maybe then,

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think Twice

Think Twice !

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Maya Angelou just sent me an email. She really did. She wrote,

“My grandmother and my uncle experienced circumstances that would break your heart. when they went to vote, they were asked impossible questions like, “How many angles can dance on the head of a pin?” When they couldn’t answer, they couldn’t vote. I once debated with the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. about whether an African-American would ever be elected president. He believed it would happen within the next 40 years at the time – I believed it would never happen in my lifetime. I have never been happier to have been proven wrong. And since President Obama’s historic election, we’ve moved forward in courageous and beautiful ways. More students can afford college, and more families have access to affordable health insurance. Women have greater opportunities to get equal pay for equal work. Yet as Rev. King wrote,”All progress…

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onARTBali collection – “I Nyoman Tjokot”[1886 – Oktober 1971]
By Mammasitta

I Nyoman Tjokot
[1886 – Oktober 1971]

onARTBali - onARTIndonesia

I Nyoman Tjokot
[1886 – Oktober 1971]

I Njoman Tjokot [1886 - Oktober 1971]

Photo found on

contact Silvie at

onART Collection

photographed by Mathew Oldfield

I Nyoman Tjokot (1886-1971) Born in a village not far from UbudBali called Tegalalang. Tjokot a renowned sculptor within the artistic and cultural circles of Bali and Indonesia, never received any formal art training sculptured his heart out. His wood sculptures have been called exotic, demonstrating a powerful, refined style, and containing high spiritual values.

He has often been classified as being an eccentric or even mad, living alone on the edge of a cliff far from anyone. He was a workaholic and refusing to cut tress for his sculptures, would collect pieces of wood by the riversides, or pick up abandoned lumps of wood by the way.

His inspirations would come through Meditation and encounters with spiritual beings, receiving inspiration from the God’s; this is why…

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Galaxy 7 is an up- and coming soloartist,who manages to combine hard guitar riffs with smooth electronic sounds. He’s also coming to Europe in September of this year and we can’t wait to find out if he’ll be visiting us in  Germany as well (of course we hope that he will). His new album “Eye Of The Dragon Who Wished To Be A Man” is also coming soon and we are already excited beyond reason! Luckily, he took some time to answer our questions about himself, his music and his upcoming European tour. Please enjoy reading! You’ll find the usual interesting links concerning the artist under the interview! o(^^o)(o^^)o彡☆ Q: Can you please introduce yourself and tell us little bit about the artist behind Galaxy 7? Galaxy 7: Pleased to meet you. My name is Tsutsui Daisuke and go by the name Galaxy 7 as musician. I live in Tokyo. I work constantly and rarely take a day off. In my free time I watch films on my own or I go for a walk with my dog. My favourite food is beans. Also, I do volunteer work for poverty- stricken countries. I am a reserved person. Q: Why is your project called Galaxy 7? Galaxy 7: It could have been any name. I wanted to do a solo project and I was in need of a name- all of a sudden I came up with Galaxy 7. So there’s no particular reason, but I decided to use this name because of its powerful expressiveness and its peculiarity. Q: You used to be in a band and only started to go solo in 2008. Before that you were with Major Labels. How comes you took that difficult step? Galaxy 7: Actually, I did have smaller, experimental solo projects before 2008. But in 2008 I decided to start with Galaxy 7. Q: You do the songwriting, composing, arrangement, producing, programming, singing, playing instruments, and performance all by yourself- which part do you enjoy most? Galaxy 7: Well…the best part for me is to listen to my own music. It makes me really glad when I am emotionally moved by music and also when I see people that listen to my music and enjoy it. This makes me so very happy. Q: Why did you choose to unite Rock and Electronic Music? Galaxy 7: When I listened to Electronic Music, I thought that it’d be fantastic for me to combine it with Hardrock and Heavy Metal, which I like. Q: Do you start with the electronic sounds and write the riff or the other way around? How do you work when you write a new songs? Galaxy 7: My way of creating the songs differs fundamentally every time. I’ve finished the song “Super Explosions” really fast for example, because I got the idea for the riff when I was playing the guitar and I started humming the melody. But other songs just kind of came to me when I was sleeping, driving in my car, sitting on the loo or being in the bathroom. As soon as a melody pops into my head, I’ll record it with my mobile. As for the arrangements of song I’ll write them down immediately. Later on, I will do the programming on my PC. Q: Your sound is really urban, danceable and- what’s important for you when you write a song? Galaxy 7: The uniqueness of a song is really important to me. When people listen to my music, I want them to think: “Ah, that’s Galaxy 7!” Concerning my music I tried out various new things and put in a lot of effort in 2012. It’s very difficult to create an individual sound and that’s why I want to work even harder on the originality of my songs. Q: What images and emotions do you want your music to invoke in the listener? Galaxy 7: Everything is great as long as it involves strong feelings. I leave it completely to my listeners which emotions and images my song invokes in them. You can also find this in my lyrics, where I use rather cryptic expressions and contents. But I don’t want to ask my fans: “Please feel this now!” So, it’s everyone as they please and I am happy when a person completely gives in to a feeling, so that it’s like it’s stuck in their head. *laughs* Q: For your shows you also have martial artists and Kabuki actors on stage, next to your support band. So your show seems to be more than only a musical performance. What’s your concept? How important are these Japanese elements for you? Galaxy 7: Primarily, it’s like I am a band member and I really like being in a band. Furthermore the European fans really enjoy seeing an entire group. But most important I want to increase the popularity of Asian culture worldwide with Galaxy 7. I want to gain more recognition through Galaxy 7 as a Japanese person. “Galaxy 7 has fans outside of Japan!” “Japanese artists are recognised worldwide!” “The relationship between Japan and the rest of the world is improving!” I am a yet rather unknown artist. I am working constantly towards realising the previous statements. This is supported by my patriotism. Q: I read that Björk, Smashing Pumpkins and Radiohead inspire you. Are there any Japanese bands that influenced you? Galaxy 7: Almost none. I’ve been accompanied by western music since my childhood. The only band that I listened to for a long period of time is called “Loudness”. Q: Can you break down the Japanese Electronic Music scene for me? Galaxy 7: To be honest, I don’t know too much about it. I hardly ever go out. *laughs* Sorry. Q: Germany has a huge Electronic Music scene. Do you know any German artists as for example Kraftwerk who are among the pioneers of that field? Galaxy 7: Aren’t “Digitalism” and “Boys Noize” German? But speaking about Germany, I can only think of “The Scorpions” and “Michael Schenker Group, but that’s not Electronic Music! *laughs* Q: In 2010 you’ve won the AVIMA (Asia Voice Independent Music Award) 2010 MUSIC AWARD for best electro/ dance song. How did this feel? Galaxy 7: Honestly I didn’t know anything about it until I was awarded with it. One day I received an email by my Indonesian management saying: “You’ve won second place at AVIMA!” I didn’t feel real but I was so happy about it! Q: You’ve also already played some shows overseas in New York, London and France- do you plan on touring overseas soon? Galaxy 7: Absolutely, I plan on going on a European tour in September of this year. Maybe I’ll go to the UK? I am also talking to my French management and I am going to go to Indonesia. Q: In December 2010, you released your first and only solo- album „Your Magic Doesn’t Work Anymore“, could you tell is a little bit about that album? Galaxy 7: This album got stronger and stronger from the very beginnings of Galaxy 7 to its release in 2010. I tried to combine electronic elements with Rock. Listening to it now, you’d probably think: “The musical variety is amazing!” There are many parts I wasn’t so sure about in the beginning but that’s also a prove that I keep developing and growing as an artist. And that’s definitely a good thing. Q: You once said that your favourite song from your own songs was „Cheese Shocking“ – would you still choose this song? Which of your songs represents your music best? Galaxy 7: Wow, it’s difficult to decide which one to choose. But I like “Cheese Shocking” a lot for sure. I love the melody but the arrangement and the lyrics as well. I can tell you that the creation of this song was almost entirely based on emotions- I didn’t have to think much about it. I am still not sick of it and I highly doubt that I ever will be in the future. Shosen Ningen: Thank you very much for the interview! Galaxy 7: Well, thank you, too. And some interessting links for you guys! official website myspace facebook Last but not least a little teaser of his upcoming album: 

Galaxy 7 Interview, Juni 2012



Galaxy 7 ist ein aufsteigender Solokünstler, der es schafft rockige Gitarrenriffs elegant mit elektronischen Sounds zu vereinen. Im September steht auch eine Europatour an und wir sind gespannt, ob der Musiker uns auch in Deutschland besucht (und natürlich hoffen wir darauf).

Bald kommt dann auch sein neues Album ” Eye Of The Dragon Who Wished To Be A Man”, das wir natürlich schon sehnlichst erwarten!

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